Dorm Party Quickly Turns Into Orgy

Welcome to the inaugural post of this blog—a blog dedicated to nothing but college sex and the wonderful content of College Rules. If you're a fan of hot teenage coeds getting downright nasty in their dorms, then you are going to fucking love this site! I could guarantee that but I'm not going to because I think that you should just decide for yourself. So without further adieu, I would like to present to you my first gallery. One that features a college party quickly escalating into debauchery. It goes from just a bunch of people doing shots to a full out orgy. I guess that's what happens when alcohol is introduced into the mix. Before you know it, the girls are topless and doing jello shots out of each others belly buttons. Of course, this prompts the guys to pull out their cocks and before you can say “woody” the girls are on their knees and sucking cock. Now tell me that isn't a party that you wish you attended while you were in school. I know I would have loved to have been invited to that fucking bash. - check the whole gallery here!

Collegiate Fuck Fest Keeps The Good Times Rolling

Hopefully, all of you enjoyed my last collegerules porn gallery. I know that I enjoyed it quite a lot. But then again, what is there not to like. Horny college students pawing at each others Nubile bodies and making each other cum again and again is pretty fucking hot. Of course, that may just be my opinion, but I do think you'll agree with me. Today, I want to keep the action rolling by presenting to you another porn gallery. One that features four horny guys and four equally horny, but better looking, girls. A get-together that goes from casual conversation to full-on hardcore sex. And it all starts with the ladies getting nude. After a few shots, the naked college girls decide that what they're missing is having some rock hard cocks in their mouths and in their pussies. So they convince the guys to whip out their wands and they began whittling down this pile of wood. All over the place, you have girls sucking cock and getting their pretty pussies pounded down to sawdust. And when it's all over, the guys decide to dump their cum all over these girl's faces—or at least all over the black girls face. - check the whole gallery here!

Fall Asleep And You'll Miss Out On The Pussy

If there is one thing I've learned from the College Rules porn site, it's the fact that you should never fall asleep at a collegiate party. That's because if you do, then not only will all the party goers decide to write all over you, but they are also start randomly fucking. Dammit, I knew this room didn't smell like pussy and cum when I fell asleep last night! In this college porn scene, after Tommy decides to take an impromptu nap, all of the females in the room decide they are going to have a little bit of fun. And I'm not talking about drawing dicks all over Tommy's chest. No, I'm talking about fun that takes shape in the form of a little lesbian love. These girls just start nibbling on each others lady parts. They're licking pussy and sucking on tits like nobody else is in the room. Which isn't the case, of course. There are a bunch of horned up guys in the room and this sexual display only helps to push them over the edge. Which is right around the time the dicks come out and all of the real fucking starts. Man, that dude missed a whole lot of fun. - check the whole gallery here!

College Hazing Gets A Lot Of Pussy Fucked

If there's one thing I know about a collegerules gallery, it's that it is always going to be a good time. No matter what subject it's covering. Today, this gallery is going to cover the act of hazing. A practice that is never a good idea in real life but is pretty hot in the world of porn. In this gallery, naked college girls are all lined up so they can receive their initiation punishment to get into their sorority house. While this is supposed to weed out all of the girls who aren't worthy of making it into the house, I really think that it's just an excuse for the leaders of the sorority to engage in a little bit of lesbianism. However, that might just be my dirty mind at work. What these girls actually do is to bring in the campus stud and have him plant his cock into every single one of the initiates. He fucks each and every one of them, four girls in all, and makes them submit to his dick. Wow, how the fuck do you get that job? I would love making sure the initiates pussies are all up to snuff. - check the whole gallery here!

Lesbian Dorm Party Turns Into A Steamy Gangbang

Have you been enjoying the College Rules porn galleries so far? I know I have. I've been having a good 'ole time watching all of the nude college girls showing off their sweet bodies and having all kinds of nasty sex. These ladies are having the kind of fucking that would make their parents cut them off from their trust funds. In this set of pics, we get to meet four hotties who evidently have no problem dancing around the subject of lesbian love. These chicks strip off all of their clothes and then begin to play with each other. They suck each others nipples, toy each others tight pussies and generally have a good time. Then suddenly, a couple of their boyfriends walk in on their lesbian trist. But don't worry, these ladies aren't in trouble. No, quite the contrary. These guys were quite pleased to catch their girls in the act. Now they can pass their cocks around all of the babes. Which, as you might have guessed, is exactly what they did. The two guys fill up every single hole these ladies have to offer. And when they're done, they drop their cum all over their sweet teen bodies. Now tell me that isn't hot. - check the whole gallery here!

Some Guys Have All The Pussy Luck In The World

I was checking out this collegerules porn gallery and I have only one question. Why the fuck didn't I have the kind of steamy dorm sex that the people in these pictures have? I never got the opportunity to see four or five hot girls lined up and waiting for me to fuck them. I never got to walk in on lesbians or run a train on a chick at school. I guess some guys just get all of the luck. And I guess that all of the guys in this scene have to be the luckiest sons of bitches on the planet. They are so fucking lucky, they should play the lottery or something. That's because these guys not only get to eye fuck a whole lot of bitches, but they also get to sample a few of them as well. For instance, one guys is having a threesome with two beautiful teens. Another guy is gang banging a hot chick with his best friend, and a third guy is getting his cock sucked by his friend's girlfriend. You see what I mean about lucky. I never got anything like that at school. - check the whole gallery here!

Making The Case For The Best Hardcore Nubile Fucking

I've seen a lot of college porn through the course of my life, but I don't think I have ever seen any that was as good as the stuff I found on College Rules. I'm being serious too. That fucking site has all kinds of fucking action. They have user submitted sex tapes, hot babes and just about everything else you would want in a site devoted to collegiate hotties. If you think I'm exaggerating, then please allow me to submit Exhibit A to you. A picture gallery that will give you a taste of what they have to offer. It starts off with some super fly babes flashing us their tits and then turning around and showing off their poop chutes. Then, when they are sure they have every guy's attention, they begin to engage in a little bit of lesbian sex. On board so far? Good, let's move on to Exhibit B. In our next exhibit, we watch these girls turn their attention from the girl on girl fucking, and turn to the rock hard cocks that are now in the room. Cocks which these girls decide to suck and fuck with a vengeance. These girls will fuck pussy or cock. It doesn't matter to them. - check the whole gallery here!

These Two Girls Make MyThreesome Fantasy A Reality

I think it's safe to say that all of us guys love to watch college girls fucking. If we didn't, then sites like College Rules wouldn't exist. Hell, if guys didn't love watching these teens get their brains banged out, then blogs like this one wouldn't exist. And the best scenes are always the ones when the girls are willing to try anything. Girls who will lick their friend's juicy pussy and then suck off their boyfriend's cock in the same scene. I always like galleries that set the porn up this way. Which is probably why I like this set of pics so much. In this gallery, these two girls have a steamy threesome with each other and one of their boyfriends. They kick the action off with a little lesbian kissing, and then these two young ladies decide to jump on this guy's shaft and make all of his dreams come true. Damn, I think in the process they made my dreams come true as well. I've always dreamed of a threesome with two sexy Nubile babes and now I finally get to experience one. Not in person but at least I can live vicariously through the guy in these pictures. - check the whole gallery here!

Sometimes A Sex Fiesta Is The Way To Go

There's nothing I like more than a college fuck party. Okay, maybe not for me to engage in because that never happens, but for me to watch on porn sites such as College Rules. I love to watch the Nubile, and sometime inebriated, girls getting nasty in a social situation. It really makes my day. However, having a fiesta isn't always a big event. Sometimes it's a small social gathering of friends. Like what you see in these pics. In this gallery, we see two guys who are having a very small celebration they are having with a girl they picked up on campus. Small and intimate but hot as all fucking hell. When they get this babe back to their room, they decide to introduce her to their cock. They do so by shoving their throbbing flesh spears into her mouth. They then give her the opportunity to suck each one of them off. After they finished with that little bit of fun, they then decide to take turns hammering her tight pussy. And then when they are just about ready to shoot their loads, they point their dicks right at her open mouth. Now that's a party that I would like to enjoy. What do you think? - check the whole gallery here!

Pussy Really Gets The Party Started

What party doesn't go well when there are a bunch of naked college girls milling about? I don't think there was ever a social event where hot girls took off their clothes that ended up being a drag. It just isn't possible. You know if the tits, pussy and ass is coming out, then everything is going well. To prove my point, as if I had to, I've decided to show you this incredible porn gallery. In these pics, we meet some sexy babes who decide it would be a good idea to get nude. So they do it and before long the party is really rocking. Nothing like a few sluts to liven things up a little bit. These girls really begin to push it over the edge however, when they decide to engage in a little bit of girl on girl fucking. At first, they stick to kissing and maybe fingering each others holes, but pretty soon it turns into all out lesbian sex. It is from this point on that things really get crazy. The girls begin to open their mouths and their pussies to the guys who've been watching this spectacular show. And that is when this fiesta really gets wild. - check the whole gallery here!

What's A Game Without Some Balls?

What's better than watching a collegiate volleyball game? Well, one thing that's for sure a whole lot better is watching these girls go from a volley ball game and right into some hot college sex. What am I talking about, you ask? Take a look at these pics and it will become crystal clear to you. In the first picture, we see some hot babes getting ready to play a friendly game with some guys. Of course, they never really get to play that game. That's because something epic seems to have happened between the first pic and the second one. They go from get ready to enjoy a sport to two girls fucking the same guy. Damn, I wish I knew what happened to derail that game so badly. All the rest of the photos are dedicated to different girls double teaming different guys. Usually with one girl straddling the dude's face and the other chick swallowing down his cock. And this happens through the entire series and ends with the girls getting their face covered in cum. - check the whole gallery here!

This Is How You Get A Party Started

If you've been waiting to see some more sexy, hot and very promiscuous naked college girls engaging in some hardcore action, then you've come to the right place. That's because that is exactly what I am going to show you today. These pics clearly show just how incredible collegiate parties can get. The action starts off with one of the sexiest contests I've ever seen. They line up all the girls in the room, have them take off their pants, and then show off their fucking beautiful big round asses. I think the Latina in the middle is the best ass, but you might have your own opinion on the matter. After the contest—which was obviously a cheap ploy to get the girls nude—then the real action begins. The girls are introduced to all of the dicks in the room and the girls immediately drop to their knees. Some of them spend the rest of the party swallowing cum, while others do it doggy style. Either way, I think this college bash turned out to be very fucking successful. The next time I throw one I'm going to do it in the exact same way. Well almost the same way. My party would have less dudes and more babes, but other than that exactly the same. - check the whole gallery here!

This Is My Kind Of Sexy Car Wash

Have you ever driven past one of those college girl car washes? You know, the ones where you pay them five bucks and the girls dress up in bikinis and wash your car? Well, this college porn scene is almost like that. Except the girls aren't wearing swimsuits. No, most of them are completely nude. Damn, I wish the car washes in my city were like this one. All of these nubile babes with their titties out slathering soap all over your windshield. And then once they get your car all wet and soapy, they then turn their attention to cleaning off the owner of the car's dick. Which is exactly what happens in this scene. After these girls wash this dude's car, they then put on a little impromptu lesbian action on his hood. Then when he gets out to get a better look, they take his cock out of his pants and start sucking his dick. Shit, I'd pay five bucks for this fucking car wash, and I'm sure every other guy on the whole planet would too. It's the least we could do to support a good cause—whatever the fuck that cause is. - check the whole gallery here!

I'm In The Mood For Teenage Loving

I was in the mood for some more nude college girls and I thought that you might be too, so I decided to add this amazing fucking gallery. In these pics, you will not only get your fill of all of the boobs, pussy and ass that you want, but you'll also get to see some adventurous girls playing with their boyfriend's dicks. And this gallery doesn't fuck around with a whole lot of foreplay either. These girls get right down to business. They pull out their guy's rods and start kissing, licking and sucking them. They run their tongues along the lengths of the shafts and swirl them around the heads of the penises. Hell, they even suck on the balls. These chicks are real troopers. The action doesn't stop there, however. Some of the girls get their pussies fucked hard, while others decide there are going to double team the same prick. There are even some girls who decide that dick is overrated and instead opt for some nice pussy licking. Hopefully, this scene not only satisfies you yearning for Nubile pussy, but also satisfies your love of hardcore sex. I know it did mine. - check the whole gallery here!

College Pussy In Paradise

What's your definition of paradise? Does it involve cobalt blue skies, turquoise oceans, palm trees and sunny beaches? Mine does too. Of course, my definition of paradise also involves a lot of poolside dorm sex. Kind of like what you can find in this particular porn gallery. Once you check out these pics you'll probably believe that you died and went to heaven. That's because these photos are fucking amazing. Scores of Nubile babes getting nude in some tropical paradise. Now that's the place where I want to fucking go. All I need is a margarita and I'm good to go. Okay, maybe some nachos would be nice as well, but other than that all I need is the pussy. I imagine a life of looking at teen pussy, getting my dick sucked on a daily basis and just soaking in the good life. Of course, that is probably never going to happen for me, so I guess that I am just going to have to fantasize about it by checking out scenes like this one. I might not be able to make it to the promised land, but I can at least check out other people who have. - check the whole gallery here!
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